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How Can I Hire A Luxury Minibus in Melbourne?

If you’ve got an event coming up where you’d like to transport a large group of people easily throughout the day and have someone else do the driving then hiring a luxury minibus is the way to go. 

We want to let you know that currently in our state of emergency in Victoria to please remember unnecessary travel and group gatherings are restricted and prohibited. In saying this, once we’ve come to the other side of the restrictions we’re here and ready to transport you for birthdays, weddings, corporate events or any gathering which you’ve had to postpone.

It’s a simple process

The best news is it’s never been easier to hire a luxury minibus to charter a group of people around for a stress-free and convenient day. It’s a matter of knowing the following:

  • How many people you have
  • What your requirements are for the day
  • Where the pick-up locations are
  • Where the visiting places are 
  • How long you need to the minibus for

Once you know all your specifications, you simply fill out an enquiry form or contact the company to make your booking. 

Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff

Minibus hire companies are well experienced in their fleet and transportation offerings and have highly trained teams who will be happy to discuss your itinerary and specific requirements and tailor transportation to your needs. That’s right, whatever you’re specifically looking at doing they’ll create the perfect transportation option for your requirements. 

Why hire a luxury minibus with a driver?

Let’s face it. Planning events can be stressful. So if you have an event coming up, you’ll want the transportation taken care of in the most straightforward way. And trying to navigate transporting people for an event, gathering, trip, or any party can seem to be impossible. Between people living in different locations and the different drop off and pick-ups throughout the day, it’s incurred stress that you need.

So your best option is luxury 11 seater minibus hire which presents style and comfort and a driver who will take care of everything for you and your group. 

Designated Driver

If you have a gathering where you may wish to drink, hiring a minibus with a driver is the best solution so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the drive while there’s a designated driver taking care of everything for you. 


Let someone who’s experienced with Melbourne and Victorian roads take care of the directions for you. For example, if you’re planning a winery trip that may be far outside of Melbourne and include multiple stops if you have a driver, then they’ll handle the directions, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

Arrive on time

Experienced and well-traveled drivers know where they are going and also understand you may be on deadlines during your event. So they’ll do their utmost to ensure you and everyone gets picked-up at the agreed time and that you arrive at your destinations on time as well. Professional minibus drivers will also do their best to avoid busy traffic roads and keep their eyes out for any potential delays. But of course, remember in Melbourne sometimes traffic can’t be avoided. 

Hiring a luxury minibus for a special event whether it’s corporate, wedding, a school formal, a winery tour, or a girls day out has never been more comfortable with highly functional booking systems and experienced staff to help you. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a luxury minibus so you can travel in style and comfort and sit back and enjoy your day then contact us at Melbourne Lux Minibuses and Vans. Speak to our friendly staff who will tailor the best transportation for your special event.