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Why Chauffeured Mini Bus Hires Are Ideal for Winery Tours

One of Victoria’s great gems for tourists and locals alike is our abundance of wineries growing wonderful grapes and extracting their precious nectar into our world-famous Australian wines.

But going out to visit a winery or multiple wineries can pose a bit of a logistical problem. Someone needs to drive there sober whilst everyone else is enjoying fine wines. Why bother going through all of the inconvenience when you can hire a reputable mini bus hire in Melbourne instead?

Well, below are a few obvious (and perhaps not-so-obvious) reasons why:

Location & Distance

Wineries in Victoria tend to be found in three general locations, none of which are easily accessible by transit in the CBD.

  • Southwest: across from Port Phillip by Geelong, there are four main wineries to visit;
  • South: straight down the Nepean Highway from Melbourne CBD is the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, home to no fewer than five fine wineries;
  • East, heading out from Melbourne towards the Yarra Ranges there are at least 11 wineries located in rural areas.

Heading out to multiple wineries without a car and driver is simply too much of a hassle, which makes mini bus hires the easy and convenient natural choice for a lovely day out tasting our finest wines here in Victoria.

No Driving Under the Influence

Drink driving is a real problem in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia. Penalties for drink driving can include imprisonment, so don’t even think about operating a motor vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Mini bus tours to wineries eliminate this problem altogether should you choose to imbibe – and why wouldn’t you? You’re visiting a winery, not a water bottling facility. If you and the other passengers want to get the full experience and enjoy some fine wine, leave the driving to your mini bus chauffeur.

Convenient Pick-Up & Drop-Off Times

Plan out your itinerary and choose your desired wineries and leave it to our professional chauffeurs to handle the rest. Don’t worry about parking, driving, or sitting around waiting too long for the vehicle to arrive. Simply let our chauffeurs know your itinerary and we’ll arrange for convenient drop-offs and pick-up services at every stop along the route.

For drop-offs, keep in mind that you’re heading to wineries out in rural areas, so don’t worry about walking long distances and instead get dropped off right at the entrance to the winery. Helps a lot if you’ve had a few glasses already and perhaps your motor skills aren’t quite what they were a few hours before!

Arrive in Comfort & Style

Planning a day out to our beautiful wineries here in Victoria may not be a wedding day, but it’s hardly a lazy Sunday either. Dress comfortably or in elegance, as you prefer, but make sure that you arrive in style in a luxury mini bus.

Looks aren’t everything, however. Our mini bus interiors are spacious and comfortable, equipped with comfy leather seats that make the journey pleasant and leave you feeling stress-free and relaxed by the time you’ve arrived at your destination.

Treat your colleagues, family members, or group of friends to a relaxing and pleasant day with the comfort and elegance of a lux mini bus hire.

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