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4 Must-Visit Spots that Showcase Historic Victoria

Victoria and Australia, in general, cannot boast the same historical richness as, say, Europe or Asia, but there is certainly no shortage of historic sites worth visiting within a few hours from Melbourne. What’s more impressive is just how well most of these sites have been maintained and preserved over the decades and centuries, making them well worth the drive. Below are four must-visit spots that showcase the best of what historic Victoria has to offer.

  • Sovereign Hill

Consistently ranked on Tripadvisor and elsewhere as a ‘must-see’ tourist attraction, Sovereign Hill is an authentic historical recreation of Australia’s mid 19th century colonial times. Sovereign Hill has gone through exhaustive efforts to preserve the historic town in all of its detail, which means that visitors can fully experience what it was like for prospectors of yesteryear. The gold rush experience is authentic too, with visitors able to pan for real gold and keep whatever they find!

Go west from Melbourne to the town of Ballarat (about 1 ½ hours from Melbourne by rented bus or van) to experience historic Victoria in painstaking detail.

  • Byramine Homestead

A taste of Victoria’s post-colonial history would be incomplete without a visit to the authentic Byramine Homestead in Yarrawonga. Although quaint (read: small), what makes the Homestead an ideal day trip is its brewery and restaurant, serving ploughman’s platters, cake trays, and (so they claim!) the world’s biggest scones as well as local beer, wine, and cider from the in-house boutique brewery.

These latter beverages are highly recommended, so it’s best if you aren’t behind the driver’s seat on the way there or back. Head north-east with a Melbourne bus tour; the homestead is about 3 hours from Melbourne.

  • Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa

The natural springs at Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa may be old geologically, but the surrounding facilities are clean and modern despite providing fine bathing and relaxation experiences since 1895.

If you or your family is suffering from the corona blues, a relaxing day trip to the spa to indulge in one of their spa experiences may be just what the doctor ordered. Take the stress out of driving as well by hiring a luxury van or minibus to take the whole family or work colleagues.

  • Brim Silos

Located about 4 hours north-west of Melbourne, the Brim Silos are an often-overlooked gem blending art and history seamlessly in the small communities of Wimmera and Mallee. Painted on old and decommissioned silos, a harkening back to the region’s historic agricultural history, vast and impressive murals captivate the eye.

The good news is that visiting the silos is definitely ‘covid-friendly’ but the bad news is that they span over a long distance in a rural area, making it accessible only by car. Even better by luxury van or minibus rental, since the itinerary can be planned for you and your family, leaving you free to roam and wander the murals as you please.

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