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Wilsons Promontory Tours

Wilsons Promontory is a national park located on the Gippsland peninsula southeast of Melbourne. It boasts rugged granite mountains and an abundance of Australian wildlife, like kangaroos and giant wombats. Trails from the Tidal River settlement located within the park lead to Squeaky Beach, which has unparalleled white quartz sand and is genuinely a remote Victorian treasure.

Why choose Lux Mini Bus and Vans for your Lake Mountain day tour?

Our drivers are all trained and qualified professionals offering a luxurious chauffeur service in our range of minibuses and vans so you can have the ultimate time at Wilsons Promontory. With vehicles of various sizes, we aim to ensure your journey runs smoothly so you can you need to do it sit back and relax and take in the spectacular views. 

Knowledgable drivers

Our drivers are all licenced and qualified professionals with experience driving around Wilsons Promontory. Which means we can assure a reliable and dependable drive throughout the time and a reliable chauffeur. 

Design a customised Wilsons Promontory Day Tour

We offer a personal service with an option to select an individual itinerary. If you have an idea of the precise places, you wish to visit, and what activities you want to do throughout your tour then we can create a personalised itinerary which meets these details. 

Further to this, our team is knowledgable of the Wilsons Promontory National Park, its surrounding areas, and it’s special hidden and unique places. Which means we can offer suggestions and tips you may be unaware of to make your time extra special. 

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Without a doubt, Wilsons Prom is a truly remarkable and memorable part of Victoria. It’s the oldest National park on 50,000 hectares of land and is the southernmost tip of Australia’s mainland. 

The Prom features granite rocks of unusual formations which scatter the landscape, and many are smooth at the top which makes for an ultimate picnic spot. The coast along the Prom is the largest wilderness areas in Victoria which immerse you fully in nature. And finally, due to its seclusion and preservation, there isn’t a better place than the Prom to get engaged in free-roaming Australian animals, especially close encounters with wombats. 

There indeed are so many areas of the national park for hiking, trailing, camping, swimming and spots for unparalleled views.

Mt. Oberon

This mountain hike is well worth it for the view. During all times of the day but making the trek to be up at the peak to see the sun setting over the ocean which creates a pink sky to yellow across Tidal River below is truly a remarkable sight. 

Squeaky Beach

This spectacular beach got its name because of the sound you’ll hear when walking on its fine pristine white sand which comes from ultra-fine quartz sand particles. You can walk to Squeaky Beach from Tidal River and it a 6km return trip taking you through the dense and stunning bushland of the Prom. 

Sealers Cove Walk 

This walk is 19-kilometres there and back which can get done in a day and takes you through rainforest and mountains to what’s one of Wilsons Promontory’s most beautiful, secluded and sheltered beach. 

Contact us today and let’s create a magical itinerary for a tour to and through Wilsons Promontory, due to its absolute specialness it will be a tour you’ll remember forever.

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