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Mt Buller Tours

Mount Buller is a resort town in eastern Victoria and part of Victoria’s Alpine region and a shire of the base town of Mansfield. It’s known for its ski slopes, terrain parks, bike trails, footpaths, hiking trails and waterfalls throughout the mountain. It’s truly a gem within the Australian Alpine region. 

Our team are all experienced drivers offer who offer exceptional service in all our transportation options, which means we’ll make your day tour to Mt, Bulla a stress-free and straightforward time. At Lux Mini Bus And Vans, our priority is to ensure your transportation runs smoothly throughout your day trip to Mt, Bulla so you can have a truly fun and enjoyable day. 

Efficient Drivers

Each of our expert drivers is licenced and are trained professionals. And each has many years of experience driving all-around regional Victoria, so we ensure your transportation is reliable and efficient with an impressive and knowledgable chauffer for your day tour. 

Driving in the snow is challenging. Driving a vehicle the way you’re used to isn’t the case when driving in the snow, you must be able to adapt to the different surface. And if you’re like most Australian’s, then you’ve probably never had experience driving on ice or snow. So if you’re worried about being able to safely drive on a slippery surface then leave the driving up to someone with the experience, so you can sit back, relax and look out to the white wonderland as you head up to the mountain top. 

Create your itinerary 

Mt Bulla is a stunning mountain any time of the year, and there are many activities and sites to see within the region. So you can select what you and your group would like to see and do on your day tour. We’ll create the best itinerary for the day based on your specific requests and requirements. Our team and chauffeurs are knowledgable about the mountain and the surrounding areas so we can offer suggestions and create a personal day which is unique for you. 

Mt. Bulla 

With a simple 3 hour journey from Melbourne during winter, you can be enjoying the snow in no time at all. For Australian’s snow is something truly special to us as we only have a few places in the country where snow can get enjoyed. So, if you’re looking for a weekend winter day trip, then make your way to Mt. Bulla and enjoy some time in the white soft and fluffy snowfall. 

Mt. Bulla Village

Once you’re at the snow and skiing area of Mt. Bulla you’ll find the village in the heart of the mountain. There is an excellent selection of clothes, equipment, shops, a supermarket, restaurants and cafes. Here you can enjoy a drink, some food and it’s a lovely warm and cozy way to look out the window and enjoy the white haven. 

Mt. Bulla is a beautiful and exceptional part of Victoria. If it’s winter and you’re after skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, building snowmen or keeping warm and toasty drinking a coffee and looking out to the snow there is something for everyone in Mt. Bulla. 

Contact us today to organise and create a customised itinerary for a day trip to remember in Mt. Bulla.