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Melbourne City Tours

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia because it’s known for food, coffee, art, museums and music. It’s voted the worlds most livable city year after year, and when roaming through it, it’s easy to see why. There’s something for everyone in Melbourne, and it makes for a fantastic day out for a group of people. 

At Lux Mini Bus and Vans, our experienced drivers will provide you with fabulous and personalised service in any of our minibuses and vans for an extraordinary day out around Melbourne. 

With an array of luxurious vehicles available for hire with premium chauffeurs, we have a transportation option to suit any group. We aim to ensure your transportation runs smoothly during your day tour around Melbourne’s city so you can drink, eat and enjoy a spectacular cultural day or night out. 

Awesome Drivers 

Our drivers are professionals and experts around the Melbourne metropolitan area so we can ensure your day runs smoothly. They’re here to make your day as fun, delightful and impressive as possible. 

You choose what your group wants to do 

At Lux Mini Bus and Vans, we offer a service where you can select your itinerary. Our team are experts and knowledgable of Melbourne and know all the hidden treasures that it has to offer. Let us know what you’re after whether it’s a day out or a night out and we can create a personalised itinerary for you. Or allow us to offer our best suggestions to match your requirements. A day out in Melbourne with us will be a day to remember.

Melbourne and its treasures 

Melbourne is a city without a doubt that has something for everyone. There’s easy access to amazing coffee and food, an array of music events, cultural festivals, a variance of nightlife and an overall awesome atmosphere in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. 

However, if you’re like most people in Melbourne, then you’ll know it’s a city of congested traffic so if you’re looking for a fun and stress-free day or night out in the town let us handle the driving for you. 

There are endless options for a day tour around Melbourne. 

World-Renowned Coffee Culture

Melbourne’s coffee is not to get missed. It’s a coffee lovers haven with super trendy cafes on almost every corner. So much so that it’s challenging to walk for a minute without seeing a different and stylish cafe. 

Visit Awesome Street Art

You can see Melbourne’s famous street art all around the city. There’s the famous Hosier Lane where murals of the art stretch to the top of buildings down to the beautiful cobblestone ground. Melbourne’s street art gets created by highly talented artists and gets enjoyed on walls throughout the city. 

The famous St. Kilda area

If you’re looking for some water, then you can head to St.Kilda for a fix of the beach. Littered with restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, pubs and European cake shops it makes for a truly excellent day tour. Heading there on a Sunday you can enjoy markets boasting food, art and music. 

A serious food culture

Take a day out in a group exploring the almost never-ending food options because Melbourne is a foodie haven. It has an incredibly diverse range of food with options available from all around the world. It has the home of Italian cuisine in Lygon Street Carlton through to amazing sushi places, vegan-friendly cafes and bars, seafood, China town and more. Melbourne truly satisfies everyone’s taste buds. 

Ready to explore our beautiful city of Melbourne with a group of friends, colleagues or family? If so, then contact us today so we can create a truly remarkable personalised day out.