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5 Occasions To Consider Hiring A Luxury Minibus

If you and your family are friends have an upcoming occasion to travel to then there are many reasons to consider hiring a minibus. You can rest assured that you will be driven safely and arrive promptly. In addition, you can travel in luxury and comfort with reclining leather seats and a plush interior. Hiring a luxury 11 seater bus hire can be the answer you are looking for. Read on for five occasions where we can take care of transport so you can focus on more important things.

1. Melbourne Minibus Tours

If you have visitors who want to tour around Melbourne then you should consider hiring one of our luxury minibuses. We have a high quality and comfortable fleet of buses which will allow you to enjoy your ride with your guests without worrying about driving. You can promise a premium tour to your guests. 

2. Wedding Bus Hire Melbourne

We have a range of cars and buses for your big day too. If you have an itinerary to keep to or you need to ensure that your guests arrive in luxury and comfort then you ensure this bus hiring one of our top quality cars or buses. You can arrive in comfort and style and right on time too as you enjoy your time with your partner and loved ones. 

3. School Formals, Deb Balls & Special Occasion Transfers

Sometimes when it comes to a special day, it is imperative that you think outside the box to make sure you have a unique experience worth remembering. Booking a luxury minibus with a driver for your school formal means that you can arrive in both comfort and style and be with friends from the onset of the evening. In addition, you can reassure parents and guardians that you are in safe hands on one of the most important evenings of your life.

4. Family Funeral Transport

Funerals are difficult times. In addition to grieving, there is enough to deal with without also having to worry about arranging transport. Travelling together with loved ones to a funeral can mean that you are there with one another to offer comfort and support. By hiring one of our minibuses you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will arrive at the funeral on time and with ease. 

5. Luxury Corporate Minibus Transport

When it comes to business, punctuality and timing are essential. By hiring one of our minibuses you can ensure that you will arrive on time to your important corporate meeting. If you and your colleagues need to travel together, you can arrive in style and enjoy the ride too. 

We have a varied fleet of minibuses and minivans available for rent which all come with an experienced and friendly driver. Whether it is a city tour, school trip or business meeting, we can help you achieve the professional experience you are aspiring towards for your colleagues, students or guests. 


There are many reasons to consider hiring a luxury minibus. You can arrive on time in comfort, without worrying about directions or driving safely. 

At Melbourne Lux Mini Buses and Vans, we offer a complete service of elite vehicle hire with premium chauffeur services for all your occasions. Whether it is a business meeting, school trip, a city tour for visitors or your school formal, we have you covered. We are here to support you and ensure your transportation runs smoothly so you can focus on what is important on the day. Get in touch today to arrange a bus hire with one of our friendly staff.