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5 Beautiful Benefits of Luxury Minibus Hire

Hiring a luxury minibus is a great idea for corporate travel, winery tours, Melbourne city tours, and much more. Whatever the occasion may be, here are five beautiful benefits of hiring a luxury minibus:

  • Cost Savings

What are good alternatives to hiring a luxury minibus? Driving a car or taking public transit? In the former case, depending on the number of people travelling, multiple cars may need to be used, which leads to greater costs for petrol and parking. In the latter, you’ll save money but you’ll be subject to going by their schedules (not ideal) and potentially having to walk between stops. Don’t neglect that public transport can also lead to delays and can be uncomfortable and crowded, as well.

On the other hand, luxury minibus hires are a cost-effective option for groups of travellers, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

  • Travelling in Luxury

Modern luxury 28 seater bus hire and vans are well-equipped for comfort and, of course, luxury. Chances are that Melbourne’s buses, trams, and trains won’t have reclining seats made of Nappa leather anytime soon, so choose a luxury minibus hire when you’re looking to travel in supreme comfort.

Furthermore, luxury minibuses such as Mercedes Super Sprinters and Renault Master Buses are well-equipped for comfortable travel with automatic transmission and power steering, making them more than capable of getting you from origin to destination without any bumps along the way.

  • Professional Chauffeurs

Hiring a luxury minibus involves hiring a chauffeur, too. Professional chauffeurs pride themselves on having extensive knowledge of Melbourne’s major and minor roadways to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. This knowledge also comes in handy whenever you’re planning a trip and would like some recommendations for stops along the way; chauffeurs can provide you and your group with tours of the city and itineraries that can impress locals and visitors alike.

  • Take the Stress Out of Travel

Driving can be stressful, especially in a city such as Melbourne which was developed in earnest after the war with cars in mind. By hiring a professional luxury minibus for your travel, you can let the chauffeur handle the driving while you sit back and relax.

Whether you’re planning a corporate tour or you’re travelling with family members, taking stress out of the equation means you’ll arrive fresh and worry-free. For corporate travel, you can freely chat or discuss business without having to worry about keeping your eyes on the road while for leisurely trips with family or friends you can kick back and relax with your friends or family.

  • Safety

Since luxury minibus chauffeurs drive for a living, they’re well aware of the safety precautions necessary for themselves, their vehicle, and the passengers. Not only are luxury minibuses built of high quality, making them safer in the event of a collision, but they’re also equipped with safety features such as airbags and automatic transmission which can help you and the chauffeur stay safe as well.

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There are many other benefits to hiring a luxury minibus, such as simplicity of organisation and scheduling, but the above five reasons should be sufficient to consider hiring one. Make an impression on colleagues, business partners, friends, or family by choosing to hire a luxury minibus from Melbourne Lux Mini Buses and Vans for your next trip.